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Cate Morriss

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Cate Morriss is an academic working with the University of the Sunshine Coast while completing a PhD at the Queensland University of Technology. Her thesis is a gender analysis of the Pacific Islands Forum 'Pacific Plan for Strengthening Cooperation and Integration'. She is also currently developing a training program for women that integrates creative arts mediums with human rights and empowerment training with a particular focus on women and leadership.


Recently Cate was a consultant to the Tongan Womens National Congress, presenting at the inaugural workshop on topics including gender equality and the importance of regional/international obligations in national policy making. She has also been a guest lecturer at USC on the topic of Femninst Theory in IR and has been a guest speaker in the Middle East for women's NGOs on gender and strategies for gender equality in peacebuidling efforts.


She previously completed an Honours Degree in Politics and International Relations where she was awarded the Chancellors Medal for excellence in academic performance, University governance, community service and student welfare. Cate's Honours thesis was an analysis of women in politics in Bougainville, including and analysis of how women's engagement with the peace process impacted on the political status of women. She also holds an Arts degree in Creative Writing.


Cate is a former special education worker with a number of NSW and Qld. schools. She has also been a case manager in a NSW private prison and worked extensively in the disabilities field.


Recent Publications 


Morriss C 2009.'Tongan Women’s National Congress: Ke Malu’i ‘a e Totonu ‘a e Kakai Fefine (To Protect Women’s Rights)', forthcoming in POTRETCenter for Community Development and Education, Aceh.


Morriss C, 2009. 'Pacific Women, Pacific Plan: Is the Pacific Islands Forum Stepping up the Pace with a Gendered Approach to Regional Development?', Gender at the Crossroads, Eastern Mediterranean University; book chapter forthcoming mid 2009


Morriss C 2008 'Anastasia... a journey'. Lulu. http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=3446912


Morriss C 2008. 'Gender Inclusive Approaches to peacebuilding: an NGO Manual and Handbook for staff training'. Produced for the ALAF Mindanao training program QUT Australia.


Morriss C 2008. 'Feminist Theory in International Relations: an NGO Manual and Handbook for staff training'. Produced for the ALAF Mindanao training program QUT Australia.


Morriss, C. 2006. Women of War, Women of Peace: Politics, Empowerment and Women in Post-conflict Bougainville, conference paper presented at APSA 2006, available: http://www.newcastle.edu.au/Resources/Schools/Economics%20Politics%20and%20Tourism/APSA%202006/FEMGEN/Morriss_C.pdf


Morriss, C. 2006, 'Valuing Melanesian Women's Agency In Peacemaking; An Example From Bougainville' in The Eye of the Cyclone 2: Issues in Pacific Security, I Molloy & R Reavell (eds). Rock Mountain Publications & University of the Sunshine Coast: 99-114


Morriss C 2006 In our national interest or our economic interest? In Online Opinion June 2006 Feature - 14/06/2006 http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/author.asp?id=2697


Morriss C 2005 Bougainville - power to women, at last! In Online Opinion June 2006 Feature - 23/06/2005 available http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/author.asp?id=2697


Morriss C 2004 Reading to kids opens minds and strengthens relationships. In Online Opinion June 2004 Feature - 21/06/2004 available http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/author.asp?id=2697  



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