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Peace Centres

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Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies



Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies 



Centre for Peace and Social Justice



Centre for International Governance and Justice



Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance



KOFF - Centre for Peace building  



Peace and Collaborative Development Network



Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies, New Delhi



Women in Security, Conflict Management & Peace, New Delhi



Regional Centre for Security Studies, Sri Lanka



South Asian Forum for Human Rights, Nepal



Asian Muslim Action Network, Thailand



International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, USA



University for Peace, Costa Rica








for appointment as

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Peace and Conflict Studies)




Prime Functions

To assist the Director in the development of a research and practice programme for the new


To pursue an individual research project in peace and conflict studies that will further these

Key Tasks

the new National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. [Subject to the outcomes of this strategic

development plan]:

Work with the Director in the Development of a Strategic Research and Practice Programme for

– Sources of violent conflict and an analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of current

mechanisms and strategies for dealing with these (with special reference to conflicts

between white settlers and indigenous communities within Australasia and other conflicts

within the South West Pacific and South East Asian regions).

– Development and Peace Building: an analysis of current governmental and non

governmental policies and activities in these areas (with a special but not exclusive focus

on the geographic areas mentioned above and with a concern to sharpen existing

methodologies in peace, conflict and development impact assessments).

– Religion and Conflict: Pacifist and Warrior Traditions within the major world religions.

– The “aesthetics of peace” representations of war and peace within music, art, theatre, film

and literature.

– The State and Violence - investigating the state as a source of violence and as a protector

against violence.

Conduct individual research in one of the following areas:

related departments and Centres within the University of Otago.

Maintain effective collaborative working relationships with other staff in the Centre and in


Directly responsible to:

Professor Kevin P Clements, Director of the Centre.

Functional relationships:

Maintain working links with other academic and general staff

in relevant departments and centres.

Actively develop working relationships with graduate students

when they join the Centre.

Collaborate with staff and visitors as they join the Centre.

Expected Outcomes


Collaborate with the Director to develop a coherent, cutting edge research programme for the

journals, presentations at national and international conferences where applicable.

Individual research output at the highest level in the form of publications in premier research

Person Specification

Applicants should have a doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies or in a relevant discipline within

the Social and Behavioural Sciences; be enthusiastic about the development of a new Centre for

Peace and Conflict Studies; be highly motivated, and have excellent interpersonal communication

skills. Any practical experience in mediation/conflict resolution/ development and peacebuilding

would be desirable but not essential.


The salary for a Postdoctoral Fellow is $65,452.

Contact Person

Specific enquiries may be directed to Professor Kevin P Clements, Tel +64 3 479 8671, Fax +64 3

479 5024, Email


Offer of the Position

Should the University wish to offer you the position, a formal, written letter of offer will follow any

verbal discussions that might be held with you. It is recommended that you do not resign from your

current employment until you have received our written offer. The contents of this formal letter of

offer and its attachments will constitute the entire agreement between the employee and the

employer, and will supersede all previous representations, negotiations, commitments and

communications, either written or oral between the parties. Any agreements will only be binding on

the employer where they have been formally offered by the Human Resources Division and

accepted by the employee.


Applications quoting reference number A08/174 close with the Recruitment Consultant, Human

Resources Division on Friday 23 January 2008.

University of Otago

PO Box 56



Tel 64 3 479 8269

Fax 64 3 479 8279


job.applications@otago.ac.nzReports on research results written clearly, comprehensively, and on time.Regular and comprehensive liaison with supervisor.Become an integral part of the Centre’s research team.Assist in the development of graduate student skills.

National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago.

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