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Children as agents of peace : conflict transformation, peacebuilding and track two diplomacy amongst children in Israel/Palestine

Beinart, Liza  (2006) Western Australia


Bright hope : British radical publicists, American intervention, and the prospects of a negotiated peace, 1917

Le Cornu, Daryl John (2005) Western Sydney


Low Intensity Conflict: Contemporary Approaches and Strategic Thinking

Searle, Deane (2007) Waikato


Ba ne’bé: where are you going? the changing nature of United Nations peacekeeping in Timor Leste

Knezevic, Neven (2007) Victoria (NZ)


The effects of the Indian ocean tsunami on peace in Sri Lanka and Aceh

Melecki, Meredith (2006) Wollongong


Law and Peace: A Legal Framework for United Nations Peacekeeping

Boss, Bernadette (2006)


Police as peacekeepers an evaluation of the performance of Australian police peacekeeping on Cyprus 1964 - 1998

O'Brien, R J (2001) South Australia


Intra-Ethnic Conflict and the Hmong in Australia and Thailand

Downman, Scott Andrew (2005) Griffith


Peaceful warriors: a case study in conflict resolution education

Jacobson, Ann (2000) Western Sydney 


Models for authorization and conflict resolution

Ruan, Chun (2003) Western Sydney


Anti-Chinese violence in Indonesia, 1996-1999

Purdey, Jemma Elizabeth (2002) Melbourne


The relationship between research and practice in conflict resolution

McDowell, Andrew James (1999) Adelaide


The impact of prostitution on Australian troops on active service in a war environment : with particular reference to sociological factors involved in the incidence and control of venereal disease

Hart, Gavin (1974) Adelaide


The Relationships Between the Ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks on the Border Zone in the Ferghana Valley During the Transition

Sawut, Nurgul (2007) RMIT


The political consequences of military operations in Indonesia 1945-99 : a fieldwork analysis of the political power-diffusion effects of guerilla conflict

Kilcullen, David J. (2000) NSW - ADFA


The Sino-Soviet conflict and the economic and political ramifications for Indochina since 1975

Gray, Alan (1975) Canberra


Fault lines in the World Trade Organization: An analysis of the TRIPS agreement and developing countries

Shanker, Daya (2005) Wollongong


Consequences of Ethnic Conflict: Explaining Refugee Movements in the Southeast Asia/Pacific Region

Johnstone, Julia (2006) Canterbury


Cross cultural leadership.

Grisham, Tom (2006) RMIT 


Competing Myths of Nationalist Identity: Ideological Perceptions of Conflict in Ambon, Indonesia.

Kathleen Turner (2006) Murdoch 


Assessing the Conditions for Multilateral Interventions or Non-Interventions: Intervention and Non-Intervention in the Asia Pacific Region

Mortlock, Alice Mary (2006) Canterbury


Low Intensity Conflict: Contemporary Approaches and Strategic Thinking

Searle, Deane (2007) Waikato


Terrorism, war and international law: the legality of the use of force against Afghanistan in 2001

Williamson, Myra Elsie Jane Bell (2007) Waikato


China and peripheral conflicts

Burathoki, Tunna P. (2004) Southern Queensland


Resolution or Recess? An Empirical Analysis of the Causes of Recurring Civil War

Genet, Terry Nathar (2007) Canterbury


Reconstructing Jihad amid Competing International Norms: Implications for a Resolution of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Rane, Halim (2008) Griffith


A search for peaceand justice in Papua NewGuinea : can the study of peacemake a difference?

Kaman., Julienne Mapsikamp (1998) New England


The World Court Project : the evolution and impact of an effective citizens' movement

Dewes, Catherine F. (1999) New England


Promises of peace: processes of community participation in building peace in Down district

Spence, Rebecca Deidre (1999) New England


Australian Anglicans for peacemaking : 1980-1996

Geddes, Margaret Alice (2001) New England


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